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Simbibot: Chatbot That Lets You Prepare For JAMB Exams via Facebook Messenger

simbibot chatbot for jamb exams in nigeria

If you are always active on Facebook, you can now easily prepare for your JAMB exams in Nigeria via Facebook Messenger by chatting with Simbibot; an interactive and intelligent learning assistant.
Once you tell Simbibot the subject of the test you want to take, the chatbot will ask you questions which you must answer within a specified time frame. After you complete the test, your score will be displayed for you right there in Facebook Messenger. You can then decide to try again or pick another subject to practise.

Other than just helping you practice past UTME questions, here are some other cool things you should know about SimbiBot:
  • 8000+ UTME past questions to practice from
  • SimbiBot gives you tips about the course you want to study
  • It learns from your interaction with it
  • Countdown timer during every test
  • No signup process, your Facebook profile is all you need
  • Funny and witty responses that can make your day.
Using SimbiBot is as easy as chatting a friend on Facebook and no registration is required if you already have a Facebook account.
If you want to start learing with Simbibot, sign in to your Facebook account and connect to the chatbot via the link below:


Once you are connected, you can start interacting with the bot.
You can even ask SimbiBot to start a test by sending any of these as messages to the bot :
  • I want to take a test in Chemistry
  • Take a test in Mathematics
  • I would love to practice English or Physics.
Try it and I hope you like it.

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