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WhyNoPadLock.com Lets You Check Why No Padlock In Addess Bar

why no padlock ssl mixed content checker for https pages

If you’ve switched your site from http to https using premium ssl certificate or a free one e.g letsencrypt and no padlock icon is displaying next to your website address in web browsers address bar, it simply means some items on your site are insecure. Those insecure elements must be secured before the https security lock can display next to your site url in web browsers.
So, How Do I Know The Insecure Items?
Rather than spending hours racking your brain and checking over every link on your site manually, there are some online tools that can get this done for you with a click of a button – and one of such tools is WhyNoPadLock.com
The free ssl page checker simply scan your website for non-secure content and list the items that are
secured and the ones that need to be secured. It’s a great tool for any ecommerce merchant or website owner to have in their arsenal for making sure their https secure pages are actually secure. The ssl mixed content checker also tells you the expiry date of your website ssl certificate.
The tool is so easy to use.
All you have to do is paste or type the full secure URL into the text box at whynopadlock.com. It’s that easy.
As long as your secure page does not require a username or password, or for you to be signed-in to reach it, the script can fully test the page and you will get a report about :
  • Insecure calls to images,css, and javascript
  • Images called insecurely from linked css and js files
  • Expired cert, invalid or missing intermediate certificate (including 3rd party SSL certs.)
  • SHA-1 algorithm test, POODLE test, insecure form calls for Chrome.
So give www.WhyNoPadlock.com a try, and find out if your secure pages have any issues.

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