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How to create a short name for your facebook profile and groups

While i was browsing though facebook applications, I came accross this webaddress application which i believe is worth sharing with facebook users. Any facebook profile, group, fans page always have a unique long web address that serves as a link to the page at facebook. This long address is so difficult for some facebook users to figure out while some even find it so hard to share their profiles with their friends because of this long address.

This application creates a short, easy to remember personal web address to take people directly to your facebook profile, so you can share the link with other people, post it on forums, show it on your
myspace page or print it on your business cards.

I created one for my profile which is http://profile.to/jideogunsanya

Anyone will be able to use a link like this to go direct to your facebook profile:

Or for facebook business/artist/political pages you could choose one of these:

http://artist.to/AnyNameYouChoose/ http://companies.to/AnyNameYouChoose/ http://facebook.dj/AnyNameYouChoose/

Or for Facebook groups:


Get your free "Memorable Web Address application" now.

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UPDATE: Facebook has now introduced Facebook Usernames for profiles and fan pages, you can read more here.

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